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Giving you back your space

Is There Unwanted Activity in Your Home or Office?

Hello, I am Eden Koz. I have been sweeping away unwanted entities, ghosts or spirits for many years
as well as cleansing and enhancing spaces. Given our current energetic climate, more of these distubances are happening. Yet, let me have you ponder this, sometimes it isn't getting rid of something but having you change your mindset. Therefore, some of my work is cut and dry. Sometimes it is not. Either way, great changes occur.

Bigger picture, time frames on each situation differ with possible reoccuring visits, however we can assume at least an hour. Within each situation, pricing is also different. Right now I work in a 60 mile radius of North Canton, OH, yet as I state below, I am open to remote sessions. In closing, there is no need to be frightened or feel like you are unwelcomed in your space. Together, we will get you back to feeling comfortable and safe in your environment. AND < All of my work comes from a place of light and love.

My work is a subsidiary of Just Be®, LLC.

For assistance call or text at +1 (330) 958-3853, or submit a request using the form below. At the present moment, I am only doing in person visits yet will consider remote. Prices vary based on scenario and location.


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